True colours: Home decor trends to watch for in 2019

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Part 2: Colour and paint

A&S Homes Design Centre expert, Lynn Fenwick, says colour will play a big role in 2019, as consumers embrace edgier hues.

On the heels of Pantone naming their top colour of the year, we’re sharing the top tones to expect this year.

Rose Blush
Pantone named Living Coral its colour of the year, keeping pinkish hues at the forefront of fashion, home furnishings and other designs.

Fenwick says to watch out for blush tones, which were popular last year and have since matured to a less trendy and more timeless softer shade of rose neutral and muted blushes.

This year’s reds will evoke comforting or cozy feelings, Fenwick said. Incorporate this into your space with berry or vegetable-red tones, like Sherwin-Williams’ Borscht.

Blues will have a calming grey undertone to promote the serene flow of energy, or a purple tone to reiterate artificial light.

And in a different direction, aqua, a greenish-blue tone, is being touted as one of the colours of the year, in both vibrant and muted hues.

Look for white tones with a nuance of colour, which creates a richer and deeper look that adds brightness.

Inspired by the rawness of materials like clay, which invokes an organic, earthy feeling. With the return of brick, and terracotta tiles, the colour has made its way back into the trends.

Last year’s Pantone colour of the year, Ultra Violet, has mellowed to a less intense, more versatile shade.

Fenwick says you’ll see grey acting as an undertone in other colours. Added to navy, purple, browns, grey can add a subdued sense of tranquility to a home.

Black is the new grey, adding drama to walls, kitchens and bathrooms. Black is elegant if used properly, but overwhelming if overused.

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