How to Achieve Your Dream Home

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Take a minute and picture your dream home. What features does it have? What does it look like? What special little details would you include in the design? Your vision is unique, and you may not find it listed on the market today. To truly see your dream home become a reality, you may want to consider custom building it.

Custom building your home is a process that comes with both its ups and downs therefore it is important to know what to expect to keep things moving as smoothly as possible. To help with this we asked our A&S experts what advice they would give to a new client on tips for achieving their dream home.

Here is what they had to say:

Before you build:

1. Establish good credit

Before you start planning your dream home you will want to first establish good credit which means working towards eliminating any current outstanding debt. Paying down or ideally paying off your debt also helps improve your debt-to-income ratio, which in turn helps improve your credit score.  You’ll need these things in good standing when you apply for a mortgage or other financial assistance in the future.

2. Meet with a lender

After establishing a good credit, you will want to invest in your future. Meet with a lender or financial advisor to determine a budget for a down payment. Having these conversations early on can help you figure out what the next 12 to 24 months should look like in terms of getting financially ready to buy or build your dream home.

3. Prepare a must-haves list

Here is where the fun begins! What are your non-negotiables for your future home? Write them down or start a vision board to bring your dream home to life!  Include photos, magazines, and colour palettes that showcase the furniture and decor you would like to have in your new space. Consider exterior design too!

The Build process:

1.  Review available products with designers/specialists

When you are building a home, be prepared to meet with specialists that will help you select every inch of your new build. You will be presented with a variety of available products. Within this stage it is important to reflect back on your want-need list to help guide you through the design process.

2. Plan ahead and always ask questions

Throughout the building process it is important to ask questions at each stage of the build to gain a higher understanding of what it takes to build a dream home. Plan ahead and communicate with all parties regularly, to ensure your moving day is on target. Avoid making big purchases during construction as it may interfere with closing.

3. Build flexibility into your moving date 

Plan your moving dates with flexibility in mind. By doing this you will eliminate stress if a delay occurs as you have already planned other arrangements. As well, by planning ahead and being ready for the unexpected you can give yourself peace of mind.