Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

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Are you ready for summer?

Follow these easy maintenance tips to make sure your home is summer-ready:

  • Wash your windows and doors, including the screens
  • Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Turn off your HRV before turning on your AC unit
  • Spray the outside of your air conditioner with water to remove any dirt/debris that may be stuck in the fins (water will not harm your air conditioner, but make sure the unit is turned off)
  • Clean your HRV filters by rinsing them under warm water; let air dry
  • Make sure that drapes and furniture are away from all the air vents
  • Make sure downspouts are down and pointing away from your house
  • Clean eaves if necessary


Bonus Tips

Tend to your outdoor living space, too:

  • Clean your deck/patio area with a pressure washer as needed
  • Inspect and clean outdoor play equipment
  • Prepare and plant your garden
  • Check out our landscaping tips to ensure your yard is looking its best this summer!
  • Schedule routine maintenance

Did You Know? 

You can help keep cool without spiking your energy bill.

With the hot summer sun shining in through the windows, the temperature inside your home will naturally rise. To keep your home constantly cool, make sure your window coverings are closed during the hottest points of the day (typically between noon and 3:00 PM)


Happy Home, Happy Summer

By following these simple tips and tricks, you and your home can stay comfortable no matter what weather this summer brings. Enjoy!


Print out this checklist for easier maintenance.