Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

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Your Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Get ready to spruce up your A&S home for the upcoming season with these simple maintenance tips.

  • Activate and inspect your air conditioning system.
  • Adjust your registers and make sure that cold air returns are clear of furniture and drapery.
  • Test your sump pump and install your drainage hose.
  • Lower downspout extensions.
  • Clean your gutters and make sure that the downspouts drain away from the house.
  • Look for the settling of backfill soil; check your foundation and concrete slab, and fill in where necessary to maintain positive drainage.
  • Test exterior faucets for broken pipes.

Did You Know?

With the rise in seasonal temperatures, especially if we have been experiencing sudden temperature changes, you may notice some moisture on your basement floor. This is completely normal, and you should not worry as this is part of the settling process. Your concrete basement walls contain a significant amount of moisture that releases gradually over a period of two years as the concrete cures.

Bonus Tips

  • Activate and adjust your sprinkler system.
  • Check your garage overhead door, tighten loose bolts, and lubricate the springs with motor oil. Have other repairs done by professionals.
  • Check exterior paint and stained surfaces; refinish as needed.
  • Check exterior caulking; touch up as needed.
  • Inspect the grout around tiles; touch up as needed.
  • Wash all windows and screens, clean weep holes, and lubricate tracks.
  • Inspect for shrinkage damage to drywall and trims; repair as needed.

Don’t Forget

Make sure to clean your HRV filter late in the spring after it’s been in use.

Print out this checklist for easier maintenance.

By following these simple tips, you are setting yourself up for a seamless transition as we welcome spring!