Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

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Is your home winter-ready?

Follow these easy maintenance tips to make sure your home is prepped for snowy Manitoban winter:

  • Remove exterior sump pump hose and hoses from exterior faucets at temperatures below 0°C.
  • Raise downspout extension arm and connect via a flip-up strap.
  • Remove ice and snow from concrete surfaces as soon as possible.
  • Avoid using de-icing agents with damaging salts on your driveway and doorsteps.
  • Decorate safely for the holidays. Do not overload circuits or use worn extension cords.
  • Adjust your humidistat to account for colder temperatures.
  • Change or clean your furnace filter.
  • Remove window screens.
  • Review instructions for the safe operation of your fireplace.


Bonus Tips

  • If the exterior GFI outlet doesn’t seem to work, reset the breaker on the plug, and plug in a blow dryer or small appliance to see if the outlet is working. If it works, check your extension cord or block heater for grounding.
  • In extremely cold weather, if a prominent sewer gas smell develops in your home, you may have a plumbing stack on your roof covered with snow or ice, and you will need to clear it off.
  • Deadbolts tend to freeze due to the high humidity in the home. Lock de-icer will be helpful in this situation, so it’s a good idea to have it on hand in case you are “frozen out”.


Did You Know?

Using salt on front doorsteps or driveways may keep you safe from accidents but can aid in deteriorating the top layer of your concrete. Using kitty litter or sand is a safe alternative for both your family and your concrete!


Don’t Forget!

To protect your pipes from freezing, set the heat at 18°C and open cabinet doors to allow warm air to circulate around pipes if you are away during winter months more than a day or two.


Print out this checklist for easier maintenance.


Sending Warm Wishes!

By following these simple steps, you and your home will stay warm and cozy no matter what this winter brings. Enjoy!