Inside the A&S Family

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Throughout the month of May, we have had the pleasure of highlighting the various departments that make up the A&S Homes family. These departments work together to bring your dream homes to life!

One could say it takes a village to build a home and here at A&S Homes we could not be happier than to be part of that village and turn your dreams into a reality.

Our departments vary from drafting to construction, from purchasing to accounting, and from first walk-through to warranty service. One thing you can count on is that every A&S home is handled with attention and dedication from start to finish.


Meet the Team:



Our drafting team is responsible for all the technical drawings and plans that turn beautiful designs into beautiful dream homes.


Did you know?

Our construction and drafting team communicate with each other regularly as our construction team relies on these documents for every home they build. Teamwork makes the dream work but, in this case, also the dream home.



Our construction team are the skilled souls who build every one of our homes from foundation to finishing. It is a job that requires a lot of labour and teamwork, but the reward is another happy homeowner family. You will see nothing short but happy faces when this team hits the field.



Our purchasing team is responsible for obtaining all the materials and supplies that make every A&S home a reality. It can be quite a long list when we have so many building projects going at once, so we rely on the purchasing team’s organizational wizardry to make sure our construction team has everything they need.



Our accounting department is the centre of all number crunching at A&S. From invoicing to processing payments to managing payroll for dozens of staff members, we all breathe easier knowing our accounting team is here to help!



Our service team are the smiling faces our homeowners interact with on a daily basis. From answering calls and emails to scheduling walkthroughs and It’s Key Time! moments, our talented service team makes it a mission to ensure that our new homeowner families’ possession day goes as smoothly as possible.


You might be wondering why they aren’t in this photo?

The truth is, they couldn’t make it for this one as they had to drop everything to ensure our homeowner possession dates were met. We hope to catch them for the next one!


At the end of the day, our mission is to build the right home for every customer, and we couldn’t do that without our amazing team here at A&S Homes.