Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

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Are you ready for fall?

Follow these easy maintenance tips to make sure your home is prepped for cooler months:

  • Remove exterior sump pump hose and hoses from exterior faucets at temperatures below 0°C.
  • Check downspouts and make sure that they are pointing away from your house.
  • Wash windows and doors, clean weep holes, and lubricate tracks.
  • Prepare your heating system: run early in the fall to test the furnace.
  • Adjust your registers and make sure that drapes and furniture are away from all air vents.
  • Remember to change or clean the filter of the furnace monthly.
  • If you have an HRV unit, don’t forget to clean its filters once every two months: vacuum them first, and then wash them with mild soap and water.
  • Set your HRV between 30-50% for cooler months.


Bonus Tips

Extra steps to help you fortify your home for those rainy days:

  • Inspect exterior caulking and touch up as needed.
  • Look for the settling of backfill soil, check your foundation and concrete slab, and add soil where necessary to maintain positive drainage.
  • Clean off exterior deck and put all patio furniture away.
  • Cover outdoor plants to protect them from frost.


Don’t Forget!

Proper fireplace practices will help you keep your home and family safe. Review your fireplace manual before use.

Print out this checklist for easier maintenance.


Sending Warm Wishes!

By following these simple tips, you and your home will be ready for a seamless transition into the season of pumpkin spice and everything nice. Enjoy!