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It’s Not Just A Tile Floor

At A&S Homes, we take every precaution against cracked tiles, this is why we install the Schluter-DITRA and offer a lifetime warranty on tiles in our new houses.

The Schluter-DITRA is an underlayment that sits between your tiles and substrate. It protects the assembly of your home’s ceramic and stone tiles by performing three integral actions:

  1. Acts as an uncoupling layer that shifts with your home.
  2. Prevents moisture penetration that may weaken your home’s substrate and tiles.
  3. Supports heavy weight that preserves the lifespan of your home’s tiles.

If you’ve ever wonder why century-old buildings still have intact tiles, your answer is the uncoupling method. Schluter-Systems’ video below details the history of uncoupling and only reinforces why A&S Homes home builders chooses the Schluter-DITRA to install ceramic and stone tiles.