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It’s Not Just A Driveway

A&S Homes exterior concrete, supplied by City Mix Inc., is designed and produced to ensure the use of high-quality materials that exceed the performance and durability requirements of Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

Our street-level concrete mixtures are spec’d at a minimum of 32 MPa (weather conditions during the cure period can influence the final strength but it is always 32 MPa or better). We make driveways, sidewalks, and doorsteps with high-quality concrete that wears better and lasts longer. Our steel configuration combined with exterior concrete mix results in maximum strength.

In addition, our concrete is properly produced, supplied, and placed so no additional maintenance is required.

Homeowners have the option of sealing concrete, which presents benefits like:

  • Reducing the amount of water that enters concrete
  • Protecting concrete from surface damage, corrosion, and staining

Once sealed, homeowners should contact sealant suppliers to determine the frequency of re-sealing.