Meet Chef Jeremy Senaris

Featured on season 3 and 7 of MasterChef Canada.

Chef Jeremy Senaris was voted one of Canada’s Next Star Chefs by The Globe & Mail (2020) and appeared on season 3 and season 7 of MasterChef Canada! 

As the head chef of LASAHAN, a private chef and catering service, he cooks up creative and modern takes on traditional Filipino dishes. 


Q&A with Jeremy Senaris


Q: You have two young kids at home. What’s your favourite meal to cook for your family? 

A: We love to sit down together as a family and enjoy Korean barbecue.


Q: Do you have any time-saving cooking tips for fellow parents?

A: Just like in any professional kitchen, prep work is key. Cut up your vegetables the night before, prep sauces, and portion meats. This is called mise en place. The French term for “everything in place.”


Q: How can someone create restaurant-quality food at home?

A: Have fun with cooking! Look up new recipes online. I have a ton of cook books I’ve learned from. Play with your food, but “make it nice.”


Q: In your opinion, what’s one thing everyone should have in their home kitchen?

A: A properly sharpened and maintained chef’s knife


Q: What does your dream kitchen look like? 

A: As close to a professional kitchen as possible. Gas range, steel prep countertops, maybe some brick—and a wood pizza oven. A vast amount of kitchen tools.

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