Is The Link a Rental, Condo, or Life Lease?

The Link is an age 55+ Luxury Rental which was previously offered as a Life Lease up until September 2020.  At that time all former life lease tenants were converted to a strictly rental basis with no entrance fee requirement.  It has not, and won’t be, offered as, or converted to a condo.


What makes The Link unique?

The Link is an 8 story concrete and steel complex with an abundance of amenity spaces, designed to appeal specifically to the 55+ community.  Tenants have access to all amenities including car wash (small fee), wood working shop, winemaking room, theatre, multi-purpose room, common room & deck, craft area, meeting & music rooms, gym, yoga & exercise areas, coffee bar, library, spas, massage, sauna and the roof-top terrace which includes a bocce court, putting green, planter boxes, outdoor kitchen with BBQ bar, trellised sitting areas, social area & games room and virtual golf simulator.


How about Parking?

We offer plenty of indoor heated parking and are easily able to offer two heated spots for many of our tenants.  There are a variety of 8, 9 and 10 feet wide spots in addition to a good selection of outdoor parking as needed.


What is included in the Monthly Rent?

Please contact us as shown below, for complete rental rate information.


What is the pet policy?

We welcome domestic cats, dogs, caged birds or fish.  There are rules, regulations and policies regarding pets.  Our lease application has all the details.


What kind of deposit is required?

The security deposit is half the base monthly rent (this excludes the parking and locker charges).  This is refundable upon termination of the lease.  The pet deposit, if applicable, is also half the base monthly rent.  The pet deposit is refundable when you no longer have a pet.


What are the lease terms?

An annual 12 month lease is offered and this is renewable 3 months prior to expiration.  Subletting or airBNB is strictly prohibited.  Assignment of the suite is permissible.


What does “Assignment of the Lease” mean?

The assignment of a lease means that the current tenant finds a new tenant for their apartment prior to the expiration of their lease.  This new tenant must submit a lease application which needs to be approved by the landlord.  Upon approval, the current tenant’s security deposit is refunded upon inspection of the suite, and the new tenant submits a security deposit in accordance with the applicable RTB rules.


When, and by how much will my rent increase?

Monthly rental amounts may be adjusted only once a year, and notification must be given 90 days prior to the expiration of the lease.  The tenant has 30 days to decide whether to renew the lease at the new rate.


Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is not permitted anywhere at The Link.  This includes common areas such as the rooftop terrace and personal spaces such as your balcony.


Is décor customization allowed?

The Link strives to ensure that only the best quality, and most recent, design features are offered, so no further changes or customization will be permitted.


Which additional accessibility features are offered?

The Link has already included features such as a 36 inch wide entryway door, a 36 inch wide master bedroom door, and 36 inch en-suite bathroom door.  Flooring consists of luxury vinyl plank throughout so there are no flooring transitions to trip over.  The en-suite bath has an adjustable shower head and seat to ensure your comfort & safety.  The standard toilets offered are the “comfort height” variety.  Additional tub/shower lighting is featured in the bathroom, pot lighting is standard in the living room as well as under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen.


How will the need for additional accessibility features be addressed?

Please communicate directly with the building/property manager regarding the need for items such as grab bars in the shower, alternate toilets, laundry equipment adjustments, etc.  We will where possible, strive to meet the tenants evolving requirements, at the tenant’s expense.


We’ll be away for the winter.  May my relative move into, and use my suite for a few weeks?

This would be similar to an airBNB situation which we will not allow. A tenant may have a guest stay with them for a few weeks, but the tenant must be there and be responsible for the guest. Individuals not on the lease are not able to stay in the suite without a leaseholder present. A resident may have a guest stay with them for a few weeks, but the resident must be there and be responsible for the guest. It is permissible to have a guest look after minor matters for you while you are away, as long as this person is not living in your suite or using the amenities in your absence.


Is there a concierge or security guard on-site?

Security cameras will be strategically located throughout the complex for full common area coverage. A state of the art entry system with fob access is in place for all entrances into the building. These are programmed to each individual and may be easily de-programmed if lost to reduce unauthorized entry.