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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the developer for Park East Condominiums?

A&S Homes, a part of the A&S Group of Companies, is the developer. With over 40 years of building experience, A&S is recognized as one of Winnipeg’s finest condominium developers.

How many homes are planned for Park East Condominiums?

There will be 20 luxury condominium units. Each unit will be on the lake and built with a walk-out lower level.

Where is Park East Condominiums located?

Winnipeg’s newest and most popular neighbourhood located in Southwest Winnipeg. Plans for a town centre are underway to give neighbours and families a place to gather, and to provide access to all the wonderful amenities that this new neighbourhood will offer. Built between the four Bridgwater Neighbourhoods, Bridgwater Centre will feature a unique blend of commercial, residential, retail and office spaces, and will be designed for pedestrians wishing to enjoy a stroll to the nearby shops and services. Bridgwater Centre will be the spot everyone wants to go for shopping and socializing in the neighbourhood.

What features make Park East Condominiums superior?

Floor plans that work! The combined efforts of experienced architects working with award winning designers, as well as feedback from past condominium purchasers, have led to floor plans that are functional, stylish and very livable.

Other standard features include:

How effective is the sound proofing between units?

Park East Condominiums uses one of the most effective sound proofing systems of any condominium development in Winnipeg, with consistent sound transmission co-efficiency (STC) of 66 – 3 times greater than the building code of 50 STC.

As a comparison:

How fireproof are the Park East Condominiums?

Because of the superior wall systems between the units, Park East has a 2 hour fire rating (greater than that of a concrete block wall) and double the fire rating of a standard double wall system.

How will the condominium units be heated and cooled?

How will the exterior be finished?

Is the deck and fence included?

Every unit comes complete with vinyl floor decking featuring 36” metal and glass rail over a structural wood base, plus an additional concrete block patio underneath the main floor deck.

Every unit also includes prefinished metal fencing, enclosing each individual yard with gate access to the lake front walkway

How are the interiors finished?

How will the site be finished?

Where can visitors park?

Visitors can park on the extended private driveways or on Park East Drive.

Where is the mail delivered?

Canada Post has installed a central mail box. Owners will be able to obtain their key(s) from the Canada Post Office.

Who looks after the disposal of garbage and recycling?

The City of Winnipeg will provide curbside removal of your garbage and recycling.

Is Park East Condominiums age restricted?

People of any age can move into Park East Condominiums.

What type of insurance is needed for a condominium?

Home insurance specific to condominiums is readily available. Contact your insurance broker or refer to the property manager for further details.

What is the common element?

Common property or common element is everything other than the interior of the units. Exclusive use common elements would include such items as driveways and decks.

What will the monthly condominium fee be and what do they cover?

The monthly condominium fee at Park East Condominiums will be approximately $164/month. The condominium fee will cover the cost of services such as snow clearing, yard care, exterior maintenance, and property management.

Hydro, electricity and water are individually metered and billed to the homeowner. Telephone, television and internet services are also the responsibility of the home owner.

What are the estimated property taxes for Park East Condominiums?

Property taxes are based on the assessed value of your home. The City of Winnipeg estimates the net property taxes will be approximately $3,500 – $4,500 per year.

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